Noah, Elliot and Bradley's dirt bike blog
We are brothers. We ride dirt bikes. This is our blog about dirt bikes and other cool stuff.
May 25, 2010
My dad went riding with some crazy guy on Sunday. Here the guy is climbing a big hill. (My dad didn't try the hill.) -- Noah

April 26, 2009
Yesterday, my dad, Noah and I went riding at Perry State Forest in Perry County, Ohio. We had a good time. We got really muddy. My dad made a video. Here it is if you want to watch it. -- Elliot

April 20, 2009
I went riding at the dirt bike track. My dad took me. Here is what I did. -- Bradley

April 6, 2009
My dad and I went to Briarcliff today. Elliot didn't want to go because he says he likes riding in the woods better. Here is a short video that we made of our ride. -- Noah

March 22, 2009
My dad, Bear and I all went riding yesterday at Briarcliff. Bear is my friend from school. He also likes to ride dirt bikes. This was my first time riding this year.

I had a lot of fun. My dad, Bear and I all went on the A/B track. It was Bear's and mine first time on the A/B track. I thought it was really fun, and I like it more than the C track.

Bear was riding our 1981 Yamaha XT250. He was riding that because his bike needed a new head, and we just ordered it, and it hasn't come in yet. Bear's normal bike is a Suzuki RM80.

I also rode my dad's YZ250F.

Here's a video that my dad, Bear and I all made together. It was really fun. I got to use a helmet cam. The video starts with pictures and then goes to actual videos. -- Noah

November 2, 2008
I went to the dirt bike place, and I jumped. I made a new friend who was riding on the dirt bike track, too. His name is Colton, I think. He had a Yamaha like me. Me and him were playing a game, called the spider game, where there were a lot of spiders chasing us, and we were on dirt bikes, and it was pretty cool.

Daddy, my brother named Noah, my brother named Elliot and my sister named Lauren went with me to the dirt bike track. Me, Noah and Elliot rode our dirt bikes.

I had three crashes. It was cool, pretty awesome and pretty sweet. -- Bradley

Here I am going over a jump.

I had a good time riding on the track today.

My dad helped me get on my gear.

Elliot rode with me on the track.

Elliot was riding fast today.

This was the first time my brothers and I rode together on a track.

Noah rode on a bigger track than I did.

Noah was jumping the farthest of us.

Noah and Elliot are my brothers and good riders.

My dad gave my little sister Lauren a ride on Elliot's dirt bike.

November 1, 2008
My dad finally fixed my dirt bike. He did a bunch of stuff to the engine and fixed the rear tire. My dirt bike doesn't smoke now. Just my dad and I went trail riding at Perry State Forest today. Noah stayed home. We had a good time. Please watch my video about riding at Perry. -- Elliot

October 19, 2008
I went trail riding with my dad today at Wayne National Forest. Elliot's bike is still broken, so he couldn't go. We took a bunch of video and my dad spliced it all together into one movie clip. I talk about trail riding at Wayne and show you what some of the trails look like. Check it out. -- Noah

October 6, 2008
I rode an old dirt bike today. It was an old Suzuki that my dad fixed up. It is a 1972 TC125. We rode it around the back yard, but my dad said it is street legal. -- Noah

I'm riding the bike around our swing set here.

My dad is popping a wheelie here.

October 5, 2008
Yesterday, I went to an Endurocross with my family. Endurocross is like a cross between Supercross and an off-road race. It's really neat. It was a wild race. Guys were crashing all over the place, but no one was hurt too bad.

The guy who won is from Poland. His name is Taddy. He crashed on the first turn but made his way back up through the pack from like sixth place. He battled with a Kawasaki rider named Ricky Dietrich and then he battled with a KTM rider named Geoff Aaron. Geoff Aaron almost passed Taddy on the last lap but he came up just short.

Endurocross is really wild to watch. If you've never been to an Endurocross race, you really need to go. I would like to maybe try to race it some day, but I'm not so sure because I think it would really tear up my bike. -- Noah

This is Ricky Dietrich going over a tire jump.

Geoff Aaron almost won the main event.

This is the guy who won. He is celebrating his win.

My little brother Bradley liked the race.

Elliot was at the race, too, and had a good time.

September 24, 2008
Here is the video my dad and I shot at Briarcliff last weekend. The first video is of me on the beginner track. The guy behind me is some guy we rode with for awhile. He was in the Navy. The second video is one I shot of my dad on the big track. -- Noah

September 21, 2008
My name is Bradley. I started riding a dirt bike on this day. Noah, he rode his dirt bike very first. Elliot, he rode his dirt bike after Noah. Then after Elliot, I came, and I was a baby, then I started riding a dirt bike. I like riding dirt bikes. I rode a dirt bike when I was little, and then I crashed into the fence. Then I rode again when my papaw was here at our house. I was riding the dirt bike very steady. I didn't even crash, but I crashed one time. That's all I did. -- Bradley

This is me on a dirt bike.

September 20, 2008
Today, I went to Briarcliff. Briarcliff is a cool place with a couple different tracks and some big jumps. Even the beginner track has some cool tabletop jumps that are like 40 feet long. It also has a step-up jump and a bunch of corners. Going fast in the corners is the most important thing.

There also is a big track. My dad rode on the big track a few times, but mostly he rode with me on the smaller track.

Elliot didn't come with us because his bike is still blown up. My dad hasn't had the time to fix it. My dad says he's going to buy a race head for it.

We also took some video of the ride at Briarcliff. It is sweet. I will put it up later. -- Noah

This is me going through a corner. The kid behind me is on a bigger bike. He passed me later, but I held him off for awhile. When you go through a corner, you're supposed to look ahead.

This is me riding down a straight section of the track.

My dad is riding behind me here on the beginner track.

This is my dad jumping probably the biggest jump on the beginner track. The jumps on the big track are bigger. One of them is twice as long as this jump.

September 1, 2008
We have been riding a lot of woods this year. Yesterday, I asked my dad if we could go to a track, but he said not this weekend because it's raining too much.

Here is a video of us riding down a wide trail and then some woods at Perry State Forest in Ohio.

In the video are me on my YZ85, my brother on his XR70, Mr. Morris on an ATV and Mr. Krez on a KTM. My dad is the one shooting the video. -- Noah

August 24, 2008
Perry State Forest has some public dirt bike trails. I like to ride dirt bikes there because there are a lot of hills and trails. Here are some pictures from a trip we took there recently. -- Noah

I'm railing a corner through the woods here.

Here is Elliot riding through the same corner.

Elliot is jumping over a big mound we found on a trail.

Perry has some steep hills. Here I am going up one of them.

This might be the same hill. I can't tell for sure, but it's a shot looking up.

Elliot got stuck in the mud real bad right before we left. His bike was stuck worse than it's ever been before, but I got it out for him.

My brother and I are taking a break here.

Here is my dad riding his YZ250F through a flat corner.

Elliot (left) and my dad.

This is a picture of my little sister Lauren on her swing.

September 18, 2007
Last Sunday, my dad, my brother and I went dirt bike riding at Wayne National Forest. It was very good riding weather. It was a very fun ride. I went up some really steep hills that day.

We only went on two rides because we had to get home. The two trails we went on were Dorr Run Loop and Purdum Loop. On the Dorr Run Loop, we saw a dog standing on the trail but it had no tags so we couldnít help it.

I only crashed once the whole day on a hill that was very steep. The reason I crashed was because I went up right behind my dad, and I turned to miss him and went up a tree that completely flipped my bike. I didnít get hurt, but the crash did put a dent in my exhaust pipe and twisted my handlebars in their clamps, but I thought the rest of the day was fun. -- Noah

This is me jumping up a steep bank. I was launching off a root at the top. The first time I went up, my nose dropped, but the other two times it didnít.

This is a dog that we saw standing in the middle of the trail. We tried to help it, but it had no tags on so we couldnít really do anything.

My brother Elliot and I are resting up by the trailer for our next ride.

August 12, 2007
Today, my dad and I went riding at Wayne National Forest. Our first ride was several miles long. We came back and my dad showed me where we went on the map, and then we ate some food. Then we went on our second ride.

On our second ride, we got lost near the end, and I figured out where to go. When we were almost done, we went through this river thing and I didn't see this rock and I hit it and crashed and I hurt my elbow really bad. I was pretty much completely under the water after I crashed. It was that deep.

On our third ride, my dad and I went from the Dorr run loop to the Main Corridor, and then we came back and went home.

I had a really good time. -- Noah

I am sitting at the top of a big hill looking out over it.

My dad is showing me how to turn a bike around without much room here.

I took it easy on this trail ride, especially after I smashed my elbow on a rock.

June 29, 2007
Last weekend, we went riding at a pitbike race at Wildwood Lake Raceway. I raced two classes and got first in both of them.

It was close to my papaw's, so we went there after the race.

We rode there the next day and went to my Aunt Mimi's to swim. She lives close to where my papaw lives.

My dad rode with his friend Shane around Horsecave and in Shane's field.

My dad also raced at the pitbike race on Elliot's bike. My dad and I were racing in different classes at the same time. I was riding my YZ85 and I beat my dad. It was cool. I thought it was pretty pathetic that a 33-year-old man couldn't beat me, but my dad says it was because he was on an XR70 and I was on a YZ85. In the second moto, my dad beat me off the start, though, and I had to pass him. -- Noah

Here is Elliot racing at the pitbike race. He got first.

I'm sitting on my dirt bike here. I'm waiting to go out for practice at the pitbike race.

This is me jumping Elliot's bike because I raced on his bike and on my bike at the pitbike race. My motos were back to back.

Here's me getting ready to race my brother at my papaw's. I beat him.

Elliot is riding at my papaw's here.

Here I am riding at my papaw's.

My dad is looping out my brother's dirt bike here.

This is my dad's dirt bike. It is a Yamaha YZ250F.

June 5, 2007
It has been awhile since I have updated things here.

A few weeks ago me and my friend Mikey from Chicago went dirt bike riding at Wildwood Lake. It was the first time we were there for the both of us.

It was really fun, and I think we both enjoyed it.

Mikey is my friend from Illinos who I have known since I was three-years old. We've been riding dirt bikes together since we were four. We rode and raced Yamaha PW50s and Polinis together back in Illinois. The last time I rode with Mikey before this last time was probably three years ago, so it was fun to get together again and ride.

At Wildwood Lake, I rode on the big track. They have two tracks there, a big track and a little track. The big track has a lot of fun jumps on it. It has doubles and tabletops and a downhill ski jump.

I was riding my new YZ85. Mikey has a new KX85.

Also riding were my dad and Mikey's dad. Big Mike was riding my dad's old bike that he bought from my dad. He bought my dad's old CR250 that my dad liked a lot. My dad was riding his four-stroke Yamaha.

The week after that, my dad and brother and I went to Briarcliff MX again. Our friend Thomas came to watch. It rained shortly after we got there, and I didn't get too many laps in. Then, the next day, all of us went to watch my dad race at Wildwood Lake where my dad got first and second in his two classes.

Last weekend, my dad and I went back to Wildwood Lake again for just a day of riding. Elliot went swimming with our mom. There was only one other rider there, so we pretty much had the track to ourselves. It was a good time, and I was jumping the doubles much better than I was jumping them before. I think I am pretty much ready to race my new YZ85 now. I think I am used to it enough.

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures of all this riding. My mom took our camera to other places, like when she went swimming and stuff. -- Noah

April 21, 2007
Today I went to Briarcliff MX with my dad and my brother, Elliot. I rode my new dirt bike for the first time, other than when I rode it in my backyard.

Briarcliff has three tracks. I rode on the middle track. Elliot rode on the little track and my dad mostly rode on the big track unless he was following me on the middle track.

My YZ85 feels a lot faster than my RM65 was. I think I'll really like my new bike. I liked it more on the jumps than in the turns.

Elliot did a good job riding his 70, which has a new cylinder. It is now an 88cc bike, but my dad says it's still not running quite right.

Below are some photos of us riding at Briarcliff today. -- Noah

I am landing from a big jump here and pretty much bottoming my suspension.

This is Elliot charging through the whoops on the little track.

This is me jumping.

Elliot is riding by some people.

Some of the jumps were kind of strange. They were real tall but short. This is one of those jumps.

April 3, 2007
I couldn't go dirt bike riding on Sunday because I got in trouble. I am not going to say what I did, but I am very sorry for what I did. Noah also got in trouble and could not go and ride his new dirt bike. My dad went with his friend Mr. Krez instead, and they had fun without me and Noah. Here are some pictures of them riding and having fun while I was in trouble. My dad made me write this story and say that I'm sorry, but I really am. -- Elliot

My dad is riding an old bike by some old rusty thing.

This is my dad again.

Mr. Krez is climbing a hill really fast here.

March 31, 2007
I got a new dirt bike. It is a YZ85 two-stroke. I've only ridden it in the back yard so far because I just got it yesterday, but it rides really smooth compared to my RM65.

I got a two-stroke instead of a four-stroke like what my brother has because I like two-strokes better. Two-strokes go faster, and they sound better. Four-strokes sound like an old person farting.

I might go riding at an off-road charity ride tomorrow if it's not all muddy. We're going to break in my new bike. -- Noah

This what kind of bike I got.

My new bike is a lot bigger than my 65 was.

I can't wait to ride.

March 30, 2007
These are pictures of some dirt bike parts in our garage. I took these pictures so I could show them to you here. -- Elliot

This is my bent shift shaft that my mean brother bent when he was riding my bike last year.

This is my new straight shift shaft that my dad ordered and put in.

This is the shock of a KTM. It says PDS on it.

This is the airboot on a CR250.

We don't just have dirt bikes. This is the gas tank of my dad's street bike.

Dec. 23, 2006
"Wild Child" by Noah

I was in my house and my mom told me to let out the dogs. So, I did. My dogs started barking, so I let them back in. I walked outside to see what was all the ruckus. I walked up to my wood pile and there stood a blood-thirsty child.

I ran as he chased me down to my house, and I told my dad that there was a wild boy chasing me. He didn't believe me. I looked behind me, and the wild boy wasn't there. I went and got the camera in case he came back to prove to my dad that he was real.

So, anyways, I went outside and looked for him, and he was drinking out of my fish pond in our back yard. He looked up at me and had a fish in his mouth. He followed me onto the deck and stood there growling and hissing like a wild beast. I took a quick picture of him, handed my dad the camera, and I ran out and tackled him and started kneeing him in the face and beating him up. He was a strong little feller.

I grabbed him by the neck and dragged him into the house. He bit my arm while I was trying to take him to show my mom. But he kicked me in the leg, and he ran back out the back door and jumped the fence.

The next night, I heard something digging through the trashcan. I snuck up behind him, and knocked him out, and dragged him back inside and kept him in our basement. We tamed him there and helped him become civilized. Eventually, he learned to become part of our family.

He is still a little bit crazy and will run away for a day or two and come back with rabies sometimes, and we take him to the vet and the vet makes him better, but we love the wild boy anyways.

Wild boy attacks!

I struggled with the wild boy and took him down.

Wild boy turned really vicious when I got him inside.

Merry Christmas!

Nov. 26, 2006
Over Thanksgiving weekend, my dad, his friend Jeff, my brother Elliot and I went dirt bike riding on Friday. We had a fun time. My dad's friend Jeff got stuck on a hill. My brother was going up a hill and he slid onto the fender and kept going up the hill. My dad said it was a technique for keeping traction because his tires are smooth, but I didn't believe him. It was a big hill. Elliot made it up farther than Jeff, but Jeff tried again because he was a good sport.

When it started to get dark, we went home. Then my dad and Jeff put these lights on their heads and rode around the yard on my brother's 70. They had fun. Elliot and I sat there and watched them.

The next day, my grandpa took me and my brother to the store to get stuff. My dad went dirt bike riding with his friend Shane and Jeff. Shane is an old friend of my dad's that my dad has known since kindergarten. -- Noah

This is my dad doing a wheelie on my brother's bike.

Mr. Jeff is riding up a hill. Mr. Jeff is riding my dad's Honda CR250 that my dad let him borrow.

Shane is jumping far here. Shane rides a 250 two-stroke Kawasaki.

That is my dad landing from a little jump.

Here is my littlest brother Bradley wearing some knee guards. He wants to be a dirt bike rider.

Sept. 27, 2006
This is what we were doing the other day. Here are some pictures. -- Noah

This is me doing a huge wheelie. I was riding it too. If we had a video camera, we would show you that I can ride one. It is sweet.

This is me doing another wheelie. This one is not so good because I got off to a bad start.

This is my brother trying to do a bunny hop.

This is my sister doing a cartwheel in our neighbor's front yard.

Sept. 9, 2006
We went dirt bike riding today at an off-road poker run.

We found these tickets in the woods that were for winning prizes later. Also we had to find these people, and we had these cards that the people had to circle stuff on with their pens.

The cards said "check" four times, and they had to circle each place it said check. And then we gave those cards to these other people and we picked these other cards out of a bag. We each got to draw five new cards if we got all the checks.

My brother, Noah, won first place because he drew the best cards out of the bag.

Earlier in the day, Noah and I ran into each other and I broke my brake lever, so I had to coast my XR70 the whole entire way down the hills. When we got back to our truck, we loaded up our bikes, and waited until they did the drawings. That was when we won our prizes.

The trails were a little hard, but I climbed some big hills, and I didn't crash too much.

I won a hat and a shirt and a huge sticker in the drawing. Noah won a sweater. Our dad won a bag of stuff. I sold the hat and the shirt to my dad for six dollars.

Also, they had a hillclimb contest. It was really exciting because my dad came in first place in the hillclimb in the dirt bike class. I was really proud of my dad because he had the fastest time.

We were gone the whole day. I had a very very good time, except for when I crashed. -- Elliot

Noah took a picture of me and my dad.

That is the thing that I won that I am holding in my hand.

Here I am crossing a small creek.

This is a dirt bike that somebody won.

This one kid won a red hat.

That's me and Noah by my dad's dirt bike.

Some guy is helping Noah through a mud pit.

Here is Noah with the trophy that he won that's in first place.

That's Noah when I took a picture of him pretending to punch me.

Aug. 13, 2006
Last night, I went to watch people race their dirt bikes. I didn't race because I was grounded. Noah, my dad and Mr. Jeff raced dirt bikes, though. Mr. Jeff raced one of my dad's extra dirt bikes.

My dad got sixth place in both of his races. Noah got a trophy. Noah raced in three different classes. I think Mr. Jeff raced in one class.

It is funny because Mr. Jeff signed up with a different name. He signed up as Harvey Mushman. My dad told him that would be a funny name to sign up as.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Jeff. -- Elliot

This is Mr. Jeff getting on a jersey.

Mr. Jeff is pretty much dressed to ride now.

Mr. Jeff called himself Harvey Mushman for the race.

This is Mr. Jeff riding on the track.

Aug. 6, 2006
Yesterday, my dad and I rode our dirt bikes at Briarcliff. It was only 30 minutes from our house. It was fun.

I rode my dirt bike on the kids' track. The track was smooth, and it had a lot of jumps.

My dad rode on the big track.

I think everybody should go to Briarcliff. I want to go back today, but my dad won't take me. -- Noah

This is me on the whoops.

This is me on the whoops again.

This is me turning.

This is my dad going onto the track.

This is my dad jumping a double.

This is my dad jumping again.

This is Jeff Gibson going off the tabletop doing a little tailwhip. Jeff Gibson is a pro racer. He is very fast.

Here are some other guys jumping the double, double jumps. This is a good angle to see how fun the jumps are.

This is some guy on a minibike riding around the pits.

Aug. 3, 2006
We went racing at a track in Mason, West Virginia, last Saturday. Elliot, my friend Thomas, my Dad, his friend Shane and I raced. My papaw came and watched.

I raced two classes. I raced 65 Sr. and 85 Jr. I got third place in the 65 class and got a trophy. I needed to get second in the 85 class to get a trophy, but I got third.

The track was tight and twisty. The track had doubles and tabletops. It also had a whoop section before the big double. The big double was the finish line.

In the 85 Jr. class, I got stuck on the gate because it didn't drop. I got going late. The other kids were halfway around the track, and I came back up and passed one.

Elliot and my friend Thomas were in the same class. Elliot and Thomas had a good battle. One time, Thomas passed Elliot and Elliot had to go off the track. Elliot then passed Thomas back, and Elliot won the battle when Thomas crashed before he could pass Elliot again.

My dad came in sixth in his race.

In one week, I want to go back there and race again. -- Noah

This is Elliot sitting on his bike.

That's Thomas and I waiting.

I dove in front of Thomas when my dad was taking a picture because Thomas doesn't like to get pictures taken, but we have a bunch of pictures of him anyways.

Elliot is going around a corner.

That's Thomas on his new dirt bike.

Here, Elliot is in front of Thomas.

This is me waiting on the line. That kid staring at me is a punk.

This is me jumping.

I am giving Thomas expert advice in the pits.

This is the start of the race that Elliot and Thomas were running.

Elliot is going down a hill.

My dad was helping me.

July 27, 2006
This is my letter to Ricky Carmichael. My dad told me that Ricky was retiring from motocross, so I wrote Ricky this letter.

Dear Ricky Carmichael,

I donít think you should retire because youíre number one, and youíre the best dirt bike rider that Iíve ever known. It would suck if you would retire.

If you retire then I wonít have anybody else to cheer for, and a lot of your fans will be disappointed.

You are still winning, and you are still at the top of your game, so why retire? You can still win many more championships and races.

No matter who has faced you, you have always gone faster. Every time you have raced challengers, you have gone faster and faster. We donít know how fast you can really go.

Youíre the best thatís ever been.

Thatís why I think you shouldnít retire.

But even if you do, I will always remember you as the best -- the best racer and the best athlete that ever was.

Thank you,

June 26, 2006
My dad and I went riding at a poker run on Saturday. It was a dual sport poker run that started in Logan, Ohio, but we went to other towns on the ride. We rode my papaw's BMW F650.

We rode with these guys who parked beside us.

The trails were made of dirt. It was wet. Some of the rocky hills were dry.

We crossed two creeks. There were both long and short hills.

We also rode out of the woods on the street.

We made stops at fire stations to get our check card signed.

It was fun. -- Noah

This is when we were unpacking.

This is where we crossed the creek.

This is after my dad went up a rough hill.

This is after we were packed up.

June 21, 2006
These photographs are of me and my dad at Perry State Forest. We went there to ride our dirt bikes on Father's Day. Elliot did not go because he wanted to stay home to spend his birthday money.

The weather was hot. The trails were rough. I climbed a big hill. It was twisty and curvy and rough, but I made up it three times. Other times during the day, I crashed. My dad and I saw a four-wheeler flip over. We had a very good time. -- Noah

This is me resting.

This is when I got stuck in the mud. I thought it was shallow, but then I sunk into the mud.

This is my dad getting my dirt bike out of the mud.

This is my dad climbing a steep hill. Iím sorry that the shot is blurry, but it is the best I could do.

May 2, 2006
I haven't written in my blog so long because I haven't had the time. I have ridden a lot this year with my dad. We rode at my grandpa's house. Once a few weeks ago, we took my friend Thomas and let him ride my old PW50 for his first time. I've ridden dirt bikes hundreds of times since I was four. Now I am 11. I have ridden for seven years. How many years have you ridden?

These pictures are from when I went riding at Perry State Forest with my dad and my brother. We went last Sunday. I rode my RM65 and my brother rode his XR70. (A 65 is bigger than a 70. I know that's really weird, but that's the way it is.) I had a really good time. Some of the trails were rough, and some were easy.

I'm sorry that I haven't written here much. I will write more often now. -- Noah

This is me when I got done with with my first ride.

This is me when I am riding through the mud.

I am riding up a hill here.

This is when I am going over rocks four times bigger then my hand.

This is a picture of me and my brother, Elliot. I like riding with my brother.

Nov. 21, 2005
On Saturday, I went dirt bike riding with my dad to Wayne National Forest.

I had to ride my brother's XR70 because it had a spark arrestor and my RM65 didn't.

I had a few crashes, but it was fun. We rode many miles off-road. It was all in woods except for a few open fields.

We parked in a parking lot called Red Oak. We rode the trails to other parking lots called Elm and Sycamore and White Oak.

On our first trail ride, we went through the Purdum Loop connector.

On our second trail ride, we followed the Dorr Run Loop. My first crash of the day was here, when I slid down a steep hill. That was also our longest ride of the day.

Last but not least, we went on Deer Stand Loop. That's where I had about two crashes. On our way back from Deer Stand Loop, we saw a guy stuck in a giant mud hole on a quad. My dad tried to help him, but the guy said it was no use, so we just rode on by.

Then we got back, loaded up, headed home and that was the end of our day. -- Noah

Nov. 2, 2005
"Monkey" by Elliot

Once upon a time, there was a monkey. He rode an XR250. He did backflips. He went to public school and dressed in bad clothes, and he got kicked out for eating everybody's lunch.

Then, he went to Kroger's, and he bought an apple. Then, he threw it in the street and ran it over with his XR250.

He said, "I just wasted my money. That was my only money!"

The monkey went home, and then he went to bed.

The next morning, after transferring to another school, he was late.

The end.

Oct. 10, 2005
This was my first trail ride on my brother's 70. I went to ride at the Hatfield-McCoy trails in West Virginia with my dad. -- Noah

My dad's front brake locked up for the second time here, so I rode through a deep mud puddle while my dad took my picture. His brake locked up because he adjusted it wrong and it got too hot.

After my dad fixed his brake, on our second ride my dad took my picture going by a huge rock. It also had some trees on the top. Trust me, it was fun!

We stopped to take a break, so I climbed up on top of this rock.

We stopped so I could warm up my hands on the exhaust. My hands were cold because we rode through a lot of water and my gloves were wet.

I won my first football game here, and my little sister was cheering for me. I made a couple great tackles.

Oct. 2, 2005
"Wolf Boy Sighted" by Noah

I was walking around my grandparents' house taking pictures when I heard an odd sound coming from the garage. I didn't dare go in the front, so I went to the window and I saw Wolf Boy.

I quickly got out my camera and got a shot of it. It growled at me and took off.

I ran inside to tell my parents. They were all asleep. I decided to keep it a secret, and that night I saw him again.

I was going to go try to capture him, so I went to get my BB gun. I grabbed it and carefully walked down the stairs and out the basement.

I saw him. He ran, and I chased after him. Then I stopped and felt hot breath on the back of my neck. I turned around, and there I saw Wolf Boy.

I aimed my gun at him. With one blow of his mighty claws, he whacked my gun out of my hands and snapped the gun in two. I felt helpless, but then I heard a howl in the deep night.

Wolf Boy was ready to take another strike, and I dodged it, falling to the ground. I then looked up and saw a pack of wolves staring at Wolf Boy.

They got into a fight with Wolf Boy. I took the chance to run back inside, my heart beating quickly.

I looked out the window and I saw the pack of wolves dead. I don't know why they got into a fight with Wolf Boy. Maybe Wolf Boy killed one of their members, or it was for food, territory, I don't know what.

But I know this for sure: I'll one day meet Wolf Boy again.

Wolf Boy.

Oct. 1, 2005
Here are some pictures my dirt bike. -- Noah

Sept. 25, 2005
America won the race I told you about the other day. Ricky Carmichael did the best.

Here are 3 tips of staying in shape.

1. Don't drink pop. Drink juice.

2. Don't eat fatty foods.

3. Exercise daily. -- Elliot

Sept. 22, 2005
This weekend there is a race where the best riders in America race against the best riders from everywhere else.

The riders from America will win.

There is Ricky Carmichael. He is so fast. He is the best rider of motocross ever.

The other guys are good too. They will go faster because Ricky will make them go faster.

America is great! -- Elliot

Sept. 21, 2005
Here are some pictures. These were taken at the Badlands in Indiana. These were taken last year, but they are still cool. -- Noah

May 26, 2005
I was right. Ricky Carmichael won the race in California. That's what my dad told me.

He is a really good rider.

Ricky Carmichael trains very hard. He wins because he is the best but also because he works harder than everyone else.

There is no one better than Ricky at motocross.

He is the best motocross racer ever.

But next week is another race. It is in Pennsylvania.

My dad won't be at that one. He has to come see me in Illinois.

Ricky Carmichael will win again. He is the best athelete in the world. -- Noah

May 15, 2005
"The Dirt Bike Rider" by Elliot

Once there was a boy named Tom. He was eight years old. He went dirt bike riding every weekend.

Tom was good at dirt bike riding, but one day his dad took him to a woods race.

But Tom had never raced in the woods. He was afraid he would lose!

At the end of the race, Tom won because he was a good dirt bike rider.

May 12, 2005
I last rode my dirt bike about two weeks ago. I haven't ridden it more often because my dad hasn't been here.

My dad has been looking for houses in Ohio, and he's going to California next weekend. He's going out there to a professional motocross race.

I think Ricky Carmichael will win. It will be surprising if he doesn't. The only way he will lose is if he crashes. That's what I think.

Here's a tip about taking care of your dirt bike:

You have to clean dirt bikes everytime you ride them, and before you take everything apart, you wash the outside off. You wash under the seat, clean the pipe, clean under the fenders.

Then, you take out the filter, put dish soap on it, and wash it in water. Then you squeeze all the water out and let it dry, and then you put oil on it. You put oil on it because the dirt will stick to the oil. You should use gloves when you do this. -- Noah